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question What are my options for paying the rent ex. check, cash, money order, credit card etc.?
answer Cash or check, you can do both except credit card You can also pay your rent by online transfer to the landlord's account, by check, by cashier's order or by cash in person.
question How much is the security deposit?
answer The standard is two months.
question Does the apartment come with pest control?
answer Yes, they have schedule every month, wherein admin are posting it trough bulletin board every floors or at the elevators for unit owners and tenants information.
question When will I get my security deposit back?
answer Security deposit will be refundable, net of all deductions if any within 30 (thirty) days after the end of contract of lease.
question What personal documents will you need from me prior to signing of the lease?
answer Government I.D's.
question Is there a fee for early termination of lease?
answer No, but security deposit will b e forfeited.
question Is there a sprinkler system for apartment?
answer Yes, for fire safety purposes.
question When the lease is up, will it automatically convert to a month-to-month agreement, or will I be obligated to sign a new lease?
answer Generally, when the lease is up (complete), you may renew the contract for period of time 1yr or 2yrs ... accordingly However this can be mutually worked out between all the parties involved Please note the owner is subject to property tax and you as a tenant are subject to stamping fee. The minimum requirement is 6 month agreement. And also your Tenancy Agreement would have stated that 2 months prior to the end of the lease, you would need to negotiate with your landlord, to renew or to terminate. If you require a month-to-month agreement, you also need to discuss with the landlord to seek their approval.
question Is it difficult to add someone to the lease once it has been signed?
answer No it is not, just inform the landlord & add in the name in the tenancy agreement as an occupier & countersign it Or it depends on if it's mentioned in the LOI as occupants or main tenant.


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